||| Lightlines |||

A collaboration between Campbell Landscape Architecture and TAB Labs.

Light Lines is inspired by the network of waterways and storm pipes that flow throughout Austin’s urban grid. Individually, they are often overlooked, but collectively they come together to form very powerful bodies of water. Societal understanding and interaction with these waterways is important at both the micro and macro scales. By creating a conceptual representation of the movement of water using pulsating light, sound and form, Light Lines offers an abstract immersion into water’s journey.

Using an assembly of interconnected electroluminescent wires (EL Wires) that suspend from a structural grid, Light Lines will collectively form an intense volume of changing light and ambient sound driven by over 750-1000 individual sources. The result is a message to event goers that the urban watershed is a system where ‘the whole is greater than the sum of its parts’.

Waller Creek Show website