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Sound Installation / Curation

"Rainforest" (David Tudor)
Re-created Tudor's classic sound art piece.
For my part, I installed a transducer in a typewriter, through which I was playing field recordings
from the Australian Daintree rainforest. A sheet of paper in the typewriter allowed viewers to type away.
The typing created an interesting interaction with the bizarre soundscape resonating through the typewriter.

"Quasimodo the Great Lover" (Alvin Lucier)
Another re-creation, this time of Lucier's 'Quasimodo,' wherein sound is projected through multiple
spaces and assumes the room tones from each space it moves through. For this installation,
I mic'd a nearby stream and sent the water sound through several rooms, resonating through piano strings,
and out a pedestal in a nearby auditorium. The results were quite interesting.

"Clouds Made of Concrete: Two Days of Film and Music," Ballroom Marfa.
Asked by Ballroom Marfa to program an evening of film and another evening of music.
We watched "Imaginary Landscapes" and "Tom Dowd." And danced and drank whiskey.

"Long Distance Relationship," Bolm Gallery.

For the painting exhibition by Sam Sanford and Marguerite Phillips, I was commissioned to create

a multi-room interactive sound installation. For this piece, I had 4 separate rooms running through
looping samplers, all playing against a central drone. I walked through the rooms and played guitar
and keyboard into the loopers. The performance / installation lasted 5 hours.



Books / Zines / Chapbooks

I am frequently self-publishing chapbooks, zines, and larger books.
I sell these books at shows and at select independent bookstores.

Here are a few of the titles I've produced:
"Ba Ba Ba Baby Talk Avante-Garde"
"I've Got This Problem" v2
"I've Got This Problem" v1
"How Songwriting Ruined My Life"

S.W.A.K. zine #2: "The Exquisite Corpse"
S.W.A.K. zine #1

I collect my video work from time to time.
Here's a few titles I've produced (all sold out):
Candlelit TV Eyes 1 & 2
Neon Wake
Hair Forest

Music videos

I've made music video for others as well, often utilizing super8 film.
Here are a few examples:
Peter and the Wolf, "Lightness"
Tacks the Boy Disaster, "Frozen Feet"
Sound Team, "Born to Please"
Sound Team

I have also made many many many videos for myself, with varying levels of success.
Here are a couple I particularly like:
"Lunar Eyes"
"Man's Heart Complaint"