Compumonium (laptop orchestra)

I've been working for some years on what I call the "Compumonium."   It is a dispersed laptop ensemble (or "orchestra" -- the formality of the term makes me laugh) with localized speakers, each computer executing a computer program that I've written.

I realize it all sounds perhaps a bit far fetched, pretentious, or strange, but, when properly executed, it's really quite enjoyable.   The presence of numerous laptop performers, typically embedded within the audience, each one not quite sync'd up with each other, it's a beautiful enveloping sound -- in sync but also not quite.   Sort of like walking through an active wetland in the evening time -- surrounded by frogs, crickets.... a beautiful cacophony.

Although this is truly meant to be experienced live, I will shortly upload a demonstration video.  In the meantime, here's a diagram meant to show the potential placement of the laptops in a theatre.