Alternate Notation / Conduction

I love rock/folk/pop music, but also love electronics.   Specifically, I love the use of strange controllers.   That's how I think of electronic music and scores in general -- controllers for behavior.  

With that in mind, I've made a habit of exploring the boundaries of how to convey instructions to a player.   Sometimes it's weird vague instructions ("make it sound like butterflies hovering above a scorched landscape" has worked well for me), sometimes it's based on the motions of a conductor / performer, sometimes it's timed with naturally occuring phenomenon.... anything is fair game, as long as the process is interesting at least -- and ideally, it sounds good as well.   Although, in this approach, that's often not the most important aspect.  

You create the rules and then set the situation free.   The musicians respond in real time.   You create an artificial world, you set the boundaries, and let go.  You create algorithms for behavior.