Commissioned by Luminaria Festival, 2017.

Skywave was a 16 channel audio visual installation housed inside a geodesic dome structure with simultaneous local radio broadcast.    Three FM transmitters send audio to 8 radio which are split to 16 speakers, with each speaker mounted to a joint of the dome.   A metal sphere inside the dome measures electrical resistance -- it changes when somebody touches the sphere or stand in very close proximity, acting like a radio antenna.   This resistance controls changes in the audio and visual environment.  It’s an imagined future technology used to ‘change channels’ of the radio.

The audio is divided into five sections.  Three of them use radio broadcasts from across the globe.   Three others imagine a ‘future music’ wherein users control musical algorithms using the metal sphere.

The title of the installation refers to the Skywave phenomenon, wherein radio waves bounce between the earth’s ionosphere and surface, traversing great distances.   Skywave invites viewers to reflect on The materials and technology of the installation reference San Antonio’s radio history, as well as museum technologies of the future.