Tab Labs

TAB Labs is the collaboration of two creative technologists:  Taurin Barrera and Bill Baird (me).  

We specialize in interactive, multi-media installations and immersive environments.

Our work has been shown at the California Academy of Sciences, Soundwaves Festival, Luminaria Festival, the Fort Mason Center for the Arts, Creek Show and the Museum of Human Achievement.


Skywave - site specific installation in San Antonio TX for Luminaria Fest -- Projection mapped geodesic dome with audio provided by 26 fm radios connected to the structure.   Using FM transmittors, we broadcast to these radios and to nearby traffic -- if you tuned in your car's radio!   The use of radio was a reference to San Antonio's history as home of Clear Channel radio.  

Lightlines - site specific installation in Austin TX for CreekShow, commissioned by the Waller Creek Conservancy -- 1,110 El wires controlled using arduinos and custom circruitry, suspended over Walelr Creek with an 8 channel ambisonic sound component.

It's Not a Bubble - installation in Fort Mason Center for the Arts, San Francisco CA -- Interactive inflatable installation realized at the 7th Soundwaves Bienniele, San Francisco CA, July 2016. It was truly unique and special.  Once realized, the installation felt like a living creature.  It seemed like a weird sea creature and the lights and sound only reinforced that impression. 

The Living Room -- The Living Room was a hybrid installation and performance utilizing modern surveillance and home monitoring equipment to create an immersive living space. Framed as an interactive performance, visitors are guided by a fictional salesman from Boise Idaho named Rick Boss. who is teleconferencing in from his spacious office.  Bill Baird and Taurin Barrera are his live in-person assistants.  Before the event, they uploaded an informercial to YouTube, which went viral on Reddit. Rick Boss was very pleased. Here is the signed proposal for the living room. It was inspired by the 1965 Armory Concerts featuring the work of Gordon Mumma, Billy Kluver, John Cage, and David Tudor, and many other notable artists.